komm rHein

Aug 28, 2023

22. 23. und 24. September im Rhyatelier:

ROYA NOORINEZHAD (Köln) stellt aus und spricht über ihre BASLER ARBEIT und BASLER ZEIT

In RHYATELIER (Untergeschoss rheinseitig)

Kontakt / Reservierung: royanurinejad@gmail.com

Residing as a migrant in Europe and volunteering on the Italian-French border and witnessing the political situation in Iran, has inspired her to embark on projects related to borders and identity. Residing in Basel on the Rhein, she was inspired to name this project „komm rHein“ – an interdisciplinary series focused on the theme of individuals getting trapped in never-ending cycles of being pushed back onto the same borders repeatedly. She is working with a diverse range of materials, encompassing photography, video, text, collage, and geometric shapes.

Rhein the River and Roya, deals with personal feelings associated with the stories of individuals labelled as witches and thrown in the Rhein River from the Mittlere Brücke in Basel. Roya is comprehending these characters as she can’t swim well.

Roya the River and Valley, is about the river that originates in France and flows into the ocean at Ventimiglia, Italy, a common gathering point for people who are on the move. They pass among others the Roya River and valley to reach France.